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Electronic Guide Service is a project of Outdoor Technologies LLC

ElectronicGuideService.com has been around since 2002, but the company it's current
form took shape after our involvement in the 2010 World Ice Fishing Championships.
We were working as consultants for possible US hosting of the championships with
leadership from US Angling.  They were familiar with our mapping, technology
experience and fishing successes.   I was invited to help organize the championship
and help coach the team.  Credentials:

  • Registered Professional Engineer
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems) power user
  • National Professional Angler Association NPAA #880
  • 2010 World Champion Gold Medal Coach, US Angling
  • 2012 World Champion Bronze Medal Coach, US Angling
  • United States Angling Confederation Board of Directors
Brian Gaber 2010 World Champion Coach USA Ice Team

Brian Gaber 2010 World Champion Coach USA Ice Team

World Ice Fishing Gold Medal Champions

World Ice Fishing Gold Medal Champions












The efforts to win the world championship were born in fishing experience, strategic
planning and an unwavering desire to not leave any stones unturned in
our preparation.  We set the Gold standard for the preparation of these events.
Our efforts have not been outdone to date, and are preparation methods have earned the
respect of our foreign competitors.

How did we win?  I used the best technology available and simplified it for our team.

How will you benefit from membership? I will use the best technology available
and simplify it for you.  Even the best anglers in the world need help to find and catch fish.
We can help you close the gap on the bodies of water we have listed.

How have you simplified the fishing information technology for me?
We utilize the complicated expensive marine technology and compile information for you
that's shared on a custom Google Map overlay.  All you need is a phone and a membership.
No cards, no files, no chips, no expensive GPS mapping units.  Your time is valuable.  We
help maximize your time on the water by eliminating dead water.  For the cost of a tank
or two of gas, you will be armed with great guide quality fishing information for the lakes


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